Safety Information

Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Programs are set by the University's Environmental Health & Safety Division. Safety is a team effort at the University of Florida. The prevention of accidents is our primary goal. It is essential that everyone take an active part in initiating preventive measures to control hazards in our workplace. The Physical Plant Division makes sure PPD employees have the right training, equipment, and support to perform tasks safely. We coordinate closely with the University's Environmental Health & Safety Division, Human Resources Division, and Office of Workers Compensation.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your safety. Your attitude toward safety will determine how likely you or your co-workers are to be injured. We need your help in providing a safe and healthful workplace. Get involved by reporting unsafe behaviors or conditions, sharing a safety tip, or asking a question by calling (352) 392-1141.

Workers' Compensation

The University of Florida provides workers' compensation coverage to all its employees in accordance with state statutes. This coverage includes payment for medical care and compensation for lost wages. PPD Risk Management coordinates with the Human Resource Services Workers' Compensation Office to assure the quick and efficient delivery of benefits to an injured worker and to facilitate the worker 's return to gainful reemployment.

PPD strictly follows the university's modified duty program. This program is designed to meet the legislative intent of the 1993 revisions to state of Florida Workers' Compensation Law. The modified duty program at UF begins when the authorized medical care provider releases the injured employee to return to modified duty work. All PPD employees released to modified duty work will be provided temporary modified duty work. For specific information please contact (352) 392-1411 or refer to the Workers' Compensation Office at (352) 392-4940.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee was established to recommend improvements to our workplace safety program and identify corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety and health hazards. The Committee is responsible to ensure that action is taken on improvements and corrective measures.

The Safety Committee has 10 members; four permanent and 6 rotating members. Rotating members serve a 2 year appointment. A representative of A.F.S.C.M.E. and Environmental Health and Safety are invited to all meetings. Members are nominated by they're respective departments. Please notify your supervisor, department head, or a current Safety Committee member if you'd like to participate on the PPD Safety Committee.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Main Street PPD. Meetings are open to all PPD employees pending the approval of your supervisor.

Safety Committee Members

Joe Dyke, Chair
Operations Engineering
(352) 392-5050

Kenny Combs
(352) 392-6361

Dan Crenshaw
(352) 846-0112

Paul Dennis
(352) 294-0815

Keith Feagle
(352) 392-2855

Doug Hoffman
(352) 392-6361

Ed (Skee) Hutson
(352) 392-1140

Tom Ladun
(352) 392-3393

Larry McGraw
(352) 392-6361

Larry Thomas
(352) 273-5008

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