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Operations Engineering-Dig Permits

The majority of the utilities serving the University of Florida are located underground. Any penetration of ground requires a Permit from the Dig Permit office. Penetration of the grounds includes, but is not limited to, trenching, excavating, digging, directional boring, tree spades, tent staking, fence posts, or sign installation (temporary or permanent). The person, contractor, agency or organization that will be performing any ground penetrating activity is responsible for requesting and obtaining authorization and a permit from the Dig Permit Office prior to engaging in any ground penetrating activity. The purpose of the Dig Permit is to prevent injury to any individual performing ground penetrating activity as well as injury to students and University employees, avoid damage to University and non-University utilities, and to ensure uninterrupted utility service to our customers. Please see the bottom of this page on requirements related to erecting tents on campus.

The University of Florida Dig Permit Procedure details the dig permit application process and site activity requirements.

  • Any questions about acquiring a Dig Permit, please contact Matt Griffis at 392-5781. If there is no answer, please leave a message on his voice mail.
  • All Dig Permits have to be acquired 48 to 72 hours prior to the start of any work activity that penetrates the ground.
  • All Dig Permit Applications must be filled out in the Dig Permit office (located in Building 702 in the Physical Plant Compound).
  • Sunshine State One-Call (1800-432-4770) is a requirement for utility locates on our Dig Permit. Sunshine State One requires you to call 48 hours prior to the start of any work. They will locate Bellsouth, Cox Cable and GRU gas. Personnel at the Dig Permit office will locate all other utilities.

    Erecting Tents

    Before applying for a dig permit, please obtain an approval for tent location from Office of Student Activities (if student organization) or the office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration (if a University department). An application form is listed in the Operations Engineering portion of PPD Forms section on this web site's home page.


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