Administration and Departments

Facilities Maintenance

Maintenance Mechanics - This group is responsible for a large variety of items from floor to ceilings, roofs, and building exteriors. They are responsible for inspections of contracted work. They also are the first responders to all emergencies and urgent calls thru the normal work day.  When the regular work day ends, they are responsible for all building occupants and systems 24/7 and 365 days a year, as they respond to all fire alarms, building automated systems alarms and ceiling leaks. This department also has the responsibility to recommend major roof replacement schedules, and perform all roof and preventative maintenance tasks. Also, responsible to provide a clean and sanitary appearance to our research and patient areas, to include painting of all common areas such as corridors, restrooms, stairwells, and doors. They are also responsible for Graffiti removal. Most repaint projects are accomplished in-house.

Tony Bruce, Maintenance Mechanic Shop Supervisor
(352) 273-5907

Key/Locksmith - This shop is tasked with maintaining our building security. This includes maintaining and creating biding lists, door locks/cylinders, cutting and issuing keys, maintaining all departmental lists of Authorized Key Managers. The biding list tells us exactly how the door cylinders are keyed, for each department within the HSC responsibility to include the Main complex, Vet Medicine, Orthopedics, Cancer Genetics, and all outlying buildings. This department specializes in control and maintenance of all keys and locks.

Steven Craig, Key Shop- Maintenance Specialist
(352) 273-5959

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