Health Science Center

Health Science Center Physical Plant Division

The Health Science Center Physical Plant is divided into the following divisions:

The objective of the Physical Plant Division located within the Health Science Center is to support the vision of the Health Science Center and provide the physical environment necessary to those involved in teaching, learning, research, and patient care at the Health Science Center at UF. This department is responsible for maintaining a comfortable environment conducive to learning, research, teaching and patient areas. We provide services related to the operation, maintenance, minor in-house construction projects, and departmental support within existing manpower and materials resources.

An operating budget is provided for maintaining the structures and utilities to original or subsequent modification standards. Requests for work above minimum state standards or where facilities are renovated must be funded from other than operating funds.

Please contact our offices if you have questions about our services at (352) 273-5905.


Bruce Bonham, Assistant Director
(352) 273-5991

Vivian Raymond, Senior Secretary
(352) 273-5905


Jamie King, Coordinator
(352) 273-5459


Barry McAndrew, Coordinator
(352) 494-1981


Jim Thompson, Maintenance Superintendent
(352) 273-5574

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