Imagine that you're sitting on a bench on our beautiful campus. You see bikers glide by and hear the cheery chatter of students walking to class. You notice the vibrant turf, clean patios, and a kaleidoscope of colors in the nearby flowerbed. A sycamore tree offers shade, handsome brick walls guide pedestrians, and a mighty rock provides a place to sit. The fragrance of jasmine and colorful shrubs delight your senses. The area is free from litter, sidewalks are neatly edged, and gurgling water cascades off a nearby sculpture. The setting is ideal. You wonder what is involved in building and maintaining such a place and who does it.

A lot of clever ideas and hard work are necessary to create a positive outdoor environment. At the University of Florida, the Grounds Department in Physical Plant has responsibility for providing a campus that is safe, pleasant, and supportive of academic pursuits. We do this by placing tables and benches, constructing sidewalks, building bike racks, picking up litter, mowing lawns, repairing roads, maintaining parking lots, pruning shrubs, trimming trees, and taking care of Lake Alice, as well as by providing irrigation and landscaping. It's fun as well as gratifying work, so we consider it a privilege to have a small part in support of this university's mission.

The only reason we're on campus is to serve others. We try hard to do this and try hard to do the right things well. But if you have an idea to improve campus, or see something we've missed that ought to be done, please let us know by calling (352) 392-1148 or send me an email at Have a great day and go Gators!

Fred Gratto, Assistant Director
(352) 294-0655

Sherry Martensen, Sr. Secretary
(352) 294-0654

Rose Boks, Sr. Clerk
(352) 294-0659

Marty Werts, Landscaping/Groundskeeping Superintendent
(352) 294-0656

Dale Morris, Solid Waste Coordinator
(352) 294-0658

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