Operations Engineering


The primary functions for the Energy Department includes monitoring the campus energy consumption, identify ways to lower energy consumption, and incorporate new energy efficient technologies for use at the University of Florida. Currently, we are engaged in building evaluations and scheduling in order to curb current consumption trends. Future plans include an automated meter reading system, improved building control systems, and research into various building systems that lower energy consumption.

The Energy Department has established energy contacts throughout campus to assist in the lowering of campus energy consumption. This practice has helped to foster an awareness of energy conservation issues on campus.

Currently, the main campus of the University of Florida uses roughly 75 Mega-watts of power and spends roughly $38 million per year for electricity alone. Locating waste usage of electricity can reduce this figure. Please view the 'Energy Conservation Tips' page to find out how you can help us save energy. As always, the energy department welcomes your calls about concerns or comments. Please call (352) 392-5725.

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