Business Operations

Business Operations

The Business Operations section of the PPD Resource Management Department, is located in Building 700 on SW Radio Road, near SW 34th Street, and provides services from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Business Operations is an integral part of the Physical Plant Division's dedication to developing and maintaining an attractive, safe and quality campus through the provision of services and the accountability for cost of these services. This Section is organized as a department of over 15 highly trained professionals, each having training and experience in their areas of specialty.

Business Operations provides a full range of fiscal and accounting services, including Financial Reporting, Billing, Receivables and Collections, Payables and Disbursements, Payroll, and accountability for Physical Plant Division operational maintenance E & G Funds and the Working Capital Trust Fund.

Denna Ferrante, Associate Director
(352) 294-0627

Beth Farmer, Senior Secretary
(352) 846-3393

Matt Sherman, Program Assistant
(352) 294-0602

Accounts Payable and Disbursement
Accounts Receivables and Collections

Sarjit Kellerman, Accounting Coordinator
(352) 294-0629

Janice Everidge, Temp
(352) 392-1151

Beth Farmer, Senior Secretary
(352) 846-3393

Christine Steurer, Sr Fiscal Assistant
(352) 294-0630

Financial Reporting and Billing

Marilena Ceobanu, Coordinator, Accounting
(352) 294-0631


Krithi Rao, Coordinator, Management Analyst
(352) 392-4030

Financial Reporting

Diane Warfield, Coordinator, Management Analyst
(352) 294-0628

Leslie Wayson, Accounting Coordinator
(352) 294-0707


Nancy Williams-Hunt, Fiscal Operations Supervisor
(352) 846-2396

Tammy Debose, Senior Fiscal Assistant
(352) 846-2395

Itoko Manning, Senior Fiscal Assistant
(352) 846-2393

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