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Achievements and Recognition

PPD is proud to share it's achievements as an entire team and individually. PPD employees are the recipients of many UF, State and National awards, and we proudly display information about those awards on these pages.

Awards and Honors

PPD has been awarded two (2) prestigious honors from the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA). In 2003 PPD won the Innovative Best Practices Award and in 2005 it won the Award of Excellence.

PPD Recognition Program

The objective of the Physical Plant Division's Recognition Program is to provide formal recognition to individuals and groups for outstanding achievements or accomplishments or services performed as a member of (or on behalf of) the Physical Plant Division.

The PPD Recognition Program supplements existing University and State recognition programs. Persons recommended for recognition under the Physical Plant program are not excluded from further consideration under other programs.


Complete and submit the online Nomination for Recognition Form. Completed nomination forms should be reviewed by the employee's department before submitting to the Recognition Committee to be reviewed at their next scheduled meeting. The PPD Recognition Committee will evaluate the nomination and either return it for additional information or forward it, with the committee's recommendations, to the Director for approval. Nominations should be submitted not more than 30 days following employee's accomplishment or 30 days prior to retirement or departure from Physical Plant Division. Award certificates will be presented to recipients by the Director of the Physical Plant Division or a representative for the Director at an appropriate ceremony. A copy of the nomination form will be given to the individual(s) recognized. For PPD employees, a second copy of the form and a copy of the certificate will be processed through the PPD Personnel Office for inclusion in the employee's personnel file. For non-PPD recipients, a copy of the nomination will be forwarded to their parent organization (if appropriate).

University of Florida Meritorious Service Award formally acknowledges long-time employees with a record of exceptional service and is awarded to an employee at the time of separation from the University of Florida. To request this award, departments submit to Division of Human Resources a nomination letter endorsed by their Vice President. The only requirement is that employees leaving the University of Florida have at least ten (10) years of exemplary service in a faculty, A&P, or USPS position. Eligible employees will receive a certificate, suitable for framing, signed by the President and the appropriate Vice President for their division. The certificate will be distributed from the employee's Vice Presidential area.

University of Florida Certificate of Appreciation can be presented to an employee upon retirement after 20 to 25 years of distinguished, creditable service with the State, University of Florida, or other State agency.

University of Florida Plaque may be presented to employees who have worked at the University for 25 years and up to 30 years upon retirement or departure.

University of Florida Medallion, a two-inch medal, may be given to a retiring employee for 30 or more years of outstanding service to the University.

Individual Employee Recognition

At PPD we are aware that our most valuable asset is our dedicated and professional staff. We take every opportunity to recognize our employees and say thank you for the work they do. We understand the kinds of services we provide to UF are sometimes forgotten in the hustle and bustle of teaching and research, but we believe that what we offer is essential for the university to be in the top tier of educational institutions. We are proud of PPD.

Employees of the Quarter are selected by their peers in recognition of exemplary service. Anyone can nominate an employee for this award.

Employee of the Quarter Procedures

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